Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ernest Borgnine Dies at 95

A few hours ago a friend of mine rang to tell me that Ernest Borgnine had died.

I'm a movie fan, and a fan mainly of movies made last century. That was when they had the idea of letting proper writers write movies (instead of somebody's nephew, who might or might not have done a creative writing course.) Back then there were no special effects worth mentioning, so movie moguls couldn't charge a wad of cash to have people stare at a bunch of gosh-wow dinosaurs/robots/toons/whatever galloping around to no discernable purpose. Actually, there are some very good 21st Cent. movies, but I don't see any remake of A Man for All Seasons topping the original.

Ernest Borgnine, as well as being married a stack of times, and winning an Oscar, was immortalized by John Cooper Clarke, punk poet and quasi-genius. Be sure to watch at least one of his films before you die yourself.

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