Tuesday, 24 July 2012

More General Arthur Cigars

In a previous post I mentioned the once popular brand of cigar known as the General Arthur. I thought it a service to my noble readers to quote the ad in full. Its unhurried qualities may impress the mind with a sense of how much more hectored and bullied we are by the hard sell these days. Anyhow here it is:

           Every discriminating smoker has
         experienced the annoyance of being
          obliged to put up with inferior
          cigars while traveling. You can
         avoid this always and be sure of a
         reliable and satisfactory smoke by
           taking a box of GENERAL ARTHUR
          CIGARS with you when you travel.

           This cigar is beyond doubt the
             finest domestic cigar ever
        produced. It is made by the largest
         and best equipped cigar factory in
             America by men who have no
         superiors for expert knowledge and
          skill. It is make from the only
           stock of really choice Havana
          tobacco in the world. Since the
            Cuban war began most of the
        so-called "Havana" tobacco has been
           raised in Porto Rico, but the
         Havana of which the GENERAL ARTHUR
         is made was bought before the war
          commenced, and held by us to be
         used in the GENERAL ARTHUR alone.
          Consequently, no matter what you
        pay, you cannot secure the equal of
                the GENERAL ARTHUR.

           If you do not find it at your
        dealer's, send us one dollar and we
           will forward, prepaid, a dozen
          GENERAL ARTHURS, packed in a tin

          Send us a two cent stamp and we
         will send you a novel and striking
                   little folder.

Readers may also be impressed with the price. It just shows how much the dollar used to be worth in terms of buying power - and what other use can a dollar be put to, except perhaps to light one of those mellow General Arthur cigars?

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