Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rights and Wrongs

This is a timely reminder to all e-publishing authors who have had dealings with traditional publishers to CHECK THEIR RIGHTS. If you are a hard-copy published author and are reading this, please check your own rights and forward this warning to others who may benefit. My own tale is a salutary warning:

Having put my four historical novels up for sale on Kindle and Smashwords, I set about preparing my "Language of Stones" fantasy trilogy. These books had been published in the UK by a major traditional hardcopy publisher who had also bought the UK rights to publish it electronically in the UK. However, when attempting to upload my version for the US market I discovered that my UK publisher were there ahead of me. They were selling the trilogy in a market for which they had not purchased the rights. This, of course, is very illegal. And it has cost me money. Naturally I am in the process of looking for a US attorney who might like to take an interest in the punitive damages this case must surely generate.

The purpose of this blog is to warn other authors that big publishing corporations are not above this kind of move. I doubt if I am alone, and if I am not I urge you to contact me so that we can create a wronged writers' group. So check your rights today and face down the wrongs done to you!

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