Friday, 6 July 2012

Shopping trolleys and Supermarket karts

I've always been fascinated by what other people buy. It's one of the few opportunities a person gets to look through a window into the lives of strangers. When I'm at a supermarket checkout I find myself looking through the various victuals that the person next to me is planning to consume.

Most of the time pleasure seems to outweigh health considerations, with many karts groaning under ready-made offerings that are chock full of additives and chemicals. Biscuits and cakes and cookies and and crisps ... all kinds of industrially manufactured items are usually evident in surprising amounts. Can't say I'm not tempted, but I do try to buy ingredients rather than factory produced microwave meals. I must be odd, because I actually enjoy doing a little cooking!

What's more, the results, after a few months of practice, are becoming reasonably edible. Writers can easily turn into porkers, so we have to be a bit self-monitoring. My solution was to buy a wok. (The Chinese know a thing or two about food.) And now I am leaving ready-meal purgatory and entering home-made chicken and bean shoot heaven!

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