Friday, 28 September 2012

More on Bills

Integral to the story of Death Valley Scotty is the way our hero distributes large amounts of cash to the people of Los Angeles. Scotty was also famous for his use of large denomination bills.

When I remember back to when I was a boy one of the things that still sticks in my mind is when I used to walk home from school and call in at the local store to buy bubble gum cards. One year the cards were "American Civil War" cards, showing educational and often gruesome scenes from that great conflict. But what really stood out was that each waxed paper pack contained a genuine Confederacy bank note.

Of course they were not genuine, being cheaply printed bills on poor quality paper, but to me and the other kids in the school yard they were MONEY. They came in all denominations and part of the fun was that you never knew what you were going to get. After a while we all had huge bankrolls in our pockets and we felt like millionaires. What I learned from that experience is that people will remember something fondly if it gives them money. It doesn't matter if the money is real or not.

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