Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vintage Flying - WW1 Planes in Flight!

On Sunday 18th August I went to a fabulous air show at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire in the UK.  My mission was to see a B.E.2c in flight as vital research for my next novel.  If you did not know, replicas of First World War planes are still being flown by intrepid pilots, many of them ex-members of the Royal Air Force or serving pilots.  These guys do it for fun ... and it must be fun getting into a plane made of wood and fabric and taking to the skies.  It was great to watch on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the grounds of a beautiful stately home ...

The plane below is a Tiger Moth

Woburn Abbey is the pile that belongs to the Duke of Bedford, and I expect that holding air shows like the de Havilland Moth Club goes some way to paying the bills ...


If you are a people watcher, then these shows are an absolute must.  There is a definite hierarchy with pilots in flying  overalls, engineers, officials, aficionados with a bewildering array of camera equipment and vintage car enthusiasts and, of course the band!  Why is it that the plane with Nazi insignia attracted the most attention?

And the vintages cars!  More Lagondas than you can shake a stick at. This roller belongs to the Duke of Bedford's mother ...

I am going to see another air show at the end of August - Shoreham RAFA.  I'll keep you posted.


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