Thursday, 26 June 2014

Another Day, Another Photograph ...

Last week they were lying in bed together. Now Franz Ferdinand and his wife are lying in state.  Candles burn,  haloed in light. The figure of Christ crucified seems to offer a blessing. He needs to: history is now set on a track that will send millions to their graves.

In Vienna, the aged emperor, Franz Josef, is consulting advisors about how to avenge the death of his son. Five hundred miles down the Danube, in Serbia, they are preparing for the inevitable backlash. The Serbs are not as worried as they might be - they have Russia as a guarantor: if Austria mounts a punitive expedition against Serbia, Russia will come to their aid.

Franz Josef's advisors have an answer to this upping of the ante. If Serbia has a big brother, then so does Austria. A letter must be sent to Germany.

The Deadly Playground, 1914 is out now.  Why not click on this link and get yourself a copy?

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