Monday, 30 June 2014

More Emperors, More Chickens

To show that the Germans had absolutely no monopoly in ridiculous apparel back in the day, I present for your delectation a photograph of King Edward VII at his mother’s funeral. (And yes, the air pollution in Victorian London was very bad in those days.)

As you can see, the king, who was also styled an emperor, having recently become head of state of the entire British Empire, is following the mode for emperors and wearing a head-dress liberally smothered in chicken feathers.

Actually, I can't say for certain that the feathers in question were plucked from that particular species of fowl, but let's assume so.

So, Wilhelm II with large bird on his head, and Edward VII with a mop of chicken feathers. Heaven knows what psycho-sexual implications this curious fashion holds, but it does remind me irresistibly of the joke that used to circulate at school: what's the difference between "kinky" and "perverted"?

Answer: kinky is when you use a feather, perverted is when you use the whole damned chicken.

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