Friday, 4 July 2014

"French Wine is Rather Good!"

But it wasn't all mud and blood being in the German army. One of the advantages of invading a country like France was the convenient habit the citizens had of preparing vast numbers of bottles of wine and then hiding them in holes in the ground to keep for later.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Northern France and Belgium in 1914, there would be no later. No sooner had the Germans occupied the place than they began serious enquiries as to where the jolly old wine bottles might be hidden. Naturally, they had a mighty thirst and a celebration to get under way.

The French were caught in two minds. Allowing the hated invader to quaff their nation's sacred vignobles struck them as heretical, not to say deeply offensive. On the other hand, it was easier to fight German soldiers who were star-fish drunk or who were suffering from the sort of hangover that only a cheap Artois Cabernet could inflict.

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