Sunday, 7 September 2014

Germans Cast Themselves in an Heroic Light.

While Edith Cavell was being shot and the rest of Belgium trampled under invading jack boots, the Germans were congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Once again, the man with the chicken on his head, Wilhelm II, is playing superhero. Here he is riding about, pinning iron crosses on wounded infantrymen while a Valkyrie looks on approvingly. According to Norse mythology, it was the Valkyries who were supposed to do the riding about.

The job of the virgin Valkyries was to choose among those who died in battle and bring the bravest to Valhalla. Most of the time Valkyries went about disguised as swans and, should a Valkyrie ever be spotted by a mortal without her disguise, then she herself would become mortal and could not re-enter Valhalla. So this one appears to be well and truly snookered, poor gal.

Can you believe that 100 years ago people actually fell for this preposterous rubbish?

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