Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Flying Tram?

Actually, not a tram but a Vityaz, Igor Sikorsky's 4-engined bomber of 1913.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Russians possessed some advanced aircraft in World War One. Igor didn't care much for the Bolsheviks, and emigrated to the USA in 1919, where he continued to develop aircraft, particularly helicopters, machines with which his name eventually became synonymous.

The bomber played a minor role in the Great War compared to the devastation it wrought in World War two. Apart from its Zeppelins, Germany famously operated twin-engined Gotha bombers, which terrorized London and other cities. From 1916, the British introduced the Handley-Page O-type (That's a capital letter "O".) And later the Vickers Vimy, which was too late for the war, but was the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic non-stop.

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