Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Call to Empire

Australia, a land quite familiar to me, since I was partly brought up there, was of course once part of the British Empire. Those wishing to disparage Australia will often call attention to the origin of certain cities Down Under which began life as penal colonies, but this, as you will see, is somewhat unjust.

This poster, designed to be put up in the Australian city of Adelaide calls particularly upon "South Australians." Why? you may ask.

Well, back in 1914, Australia had officially been one nation for only a dozen years or so, and therefore people felt allegiance to their particular states rather than Australia collectively. South Australia, incidentally, was never a penal colony, but started out as a settlement of free men. 

The myth put about by the odious Mel Gibson and certain others of that ilk that Australians fighting in the Great War were all Outback lads duped into dying at Gallipoli, is nonsense. Most volunteers were city dwellers, more stockbrokers than stock-herders, who joined up out of a sense of patriotism. Most proved to be superb soldiers who fought extremely well.

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